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Wellbeing Partnership

The Wellbeing Partnership is a single point of contact for people to help them stay well in their own community. It incorporates government and third sector organisations working together and consists of locally-based health professionals who provide co-ordinated support for people.

Where is it based?

There are 3 wellbeing partnerships serving the western, northern and southern communities. These are based in the following locations:

Western Wellbeing Partnership

Western Wellbeing Centre
Derby Road
Telephone: +44 1624 685846

Southern Wellbeing Partnership

Southern Wellbeing Centre
Thie Rosien
Station Road
Port Erin
Telephone: +44 1624 686109

Northern Wellbeing Partnership

Dalmeny House
Cumberland Road
Telephone: +44 1624 686432

Who is it for?

The Wellbeing Partnership is for anyone aged 18+ who is registered with their GP in these locations: Peel Group Practice, Southern Group Practice, Castletown Medical Centre, Ballasalla Medical Centre, Ramsey Group Practice.

Anyone registered at one of those GPs can drop in or self-refer. If you are a concerned relative, friend or neighbour, you can also enquire about the services or relevant assistance that might be available to someone you think is in need. Names must only be disclosed if the individual has given their consent.

What does it do?

Integrated care is about providing health and social care services where they are needed, giving service-users easy-to-access and continuous care in one location instead of ‘fragmented’ care across several locations.

Referring someone is easy, for the public simply call or contact our teams, and for practitioners its one simple referral form to the partnership along with the person’s consent. Our practitioner teams will coordinate the support the person needs. To request a form, please contact one of our team:


We also hold regular drop-in sessions where you can speak directly to a specialist in a particular area of expertise. The Western Wellbeing Partnership holds regular drop-in sessions for social benefits, debt advice, hear2hear and others. Please contact us for details or if you’d like to offer one at the centre.

Further sessions at the Southern and Northern Wellbeing Partnerships will be announced in due course.

How do I get involved?

If you are an individual or know someone in need of support, please do drop in or call us to let us know.

If you are a third sector or private organisation providing care, please contact us about your services and come along to our monthly meetings.

If you are a practitioner in Manx Care, please ask how you can get involved and come along to our monthly meetings.