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New law to protect children from vapes a step closer

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The Vaping Products Bill 2023, aimed at introducing stricter regulations on the sale and promotion of vaping products, has successfully completed its passage through the House of Keys. 

The bill will prohibit the sale and supply of vaping products to individuals under 18, ban the importation of vaping products for those aged 16 and 17, and bring in point of sale restrictions. This means that for retailers accessible to those under 18, vaping products will no longer be permitted to be on open display.

The Bill aims to protect public health and the wellbeing of young people in particular.

Man sitting down holding vape and phone

Through the Bill, the Island would not only align with the UK's age controls on the sale of vaping products but also surpass UK legislation by introducing new advertising restrictions and display regulations, similar to those in place for tobacco.

Furthermore, the Bill grants the Island the autonomy to establish its own standards for vaping products, building upon the UK legislation as a starting point while allowing for continuous updates to regulatory controls as necessary. 

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Kate Lord-Brennan MHK who promoted the bill said:

‘We recognise that the issue of young people accessing vaping products is of growing concern. As well as the need to update our laws with age restrictions, there has been particular concern recently as to the visibility of such products to young people in retailers, and the way vapes are presented and marketed having particular appeal to children.

Government has listened to the concerns of schools leaders, parents and retailers, and I am pleased that this bill has been developed in the past few months to address these issues and has been supported by the House of Keys.’

The next phase of the Bill's journey through the Legislative Council in October 2023 will provide an opportunity for further scrutiny and potential refinement before it becomes law.

More information on the progress of the Vaping Products Bill can be found at Tynwald's website.