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'Get Winter Ready' Campaign launches to prepare for cold months ahead

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With days shortening and temperatures dropping, the recently launched 'Get Winter Ready' campaign strongly encourages Island residents to prepare for the upcoming winter months.

The campaign aims to prevent avoidable winter illnesses, to provide hints and tips on staying warm and safe and promote readiness within homes and the community.

Are you ready for winter? Get ready with our top tips

The campaign's central hub, a dedicated webpage on the site, serves as a comprehensive resource, directing residents to valuable information and various initiatives designed to assist residents throughout the winter.

One includes Public Health Isle of Man's 'Winter Health' resource page, offering guidance on staying healthy during the colder months, particularly when Vitamin D levels are low and Seasonal Affective Disorder becomes more prevalent.

Interim Director of Public Health, Professor Hugo van Woerden said:

‘Viruses spread more easily in the winter months when we are all indoors, so it’s important for us all to know what we can do to keep well.


The Winter Health webpages provide information for island residents on measures they can take to reduce the spread of respiratory and other infections, to improve their health, and who to contact for guidance both before and during illness. As the flu season is now starting, our main priority is to stop the spread of viruses and cut down on hospital admissions in order to provide a better overall health service for the wider public.’

Additional tips available on the webpage include checking vehicles, securing oil tanks, and informing residents about the locations of their nearest salt bins for winter preparedness, with resources from the Department of Home Affairs’ Emergency Planning Unit and the Department of Infrastructure.

Also supporting the campaign is Manx Utilities with valuable guidance when dealing with frozen pipes, as well as, Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture with home energy advice, encouraging residents to apply for the ‘Energy Efficiency Scheme’ which provides free kit, such as loft insulation and smart heating controls to reduce energy-use.

Visit 'Get Winter Ready' to keep on hand throughout winter.