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Fewer prescriptions for over-the-counter medicines


Patients will no longer receive prescriptions, for minor conditions, if the medication is readily available over-the-counter (OTC) in pharmacies or supermarkets.

Instead, from 29 January 2024, they will be advised…

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Government moves to protect vulnerable from gas disconnection


The Council of Ministers has put in place legislation to protect vulnerable people from gas disconnection over the winter period. 

The Gas Regulation (Prevention of Disconnections) Order 2024 provides that…

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One-off housing payment available to some retired police officers


Rows of houses in the dark with one house with a light shining on it

An administrative issue has been identified which resulted in the uplift to this allowance not being applied between 1 April 1992 and 1 September 1994. 

The Department has agreed…

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Minimum Wage Committee to undertake further assessment into impact of potential rate increase


The Minimum Wage Committee (‘the Committee’), an independent committee constituted of employer and worker representatives, commenced their review into the rates of minimum wage in the Isle of Man in…

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Class 2 NI payments to continue for 2024-25


People who pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions are reminded that they should continue to pay this way for the forthcoming tax year, 6 April 2024 to 5 April 2025.…

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Public sector rents to rise by 7.5%


Public sector rents on the Isle of Man will rise by 7.5%, with effect from Monday 1 April 2024.

The decision to increase the rental levy has been reached by…

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