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Health & wellbeing

There is little cost to keeping healthy & well and there are several things you can do to look after yourself free of charge.

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Looking after your health and wellbeing is extremely important, especially with added pressures of the rise in the cost of living. The good news is there is little cost to keeping healthy and well and there are several things you can do to look after yourself free of charge.

Here is some information to help you stay well in the current economy.

Feel better 


This page will help you learn about healthier food options to enable you to make healthier choices and ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need, and to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Weight management

Maintaining a healthy weight can help you prevent weight-related diseases and lower your risk of certain health problems. This page provides some useful tips on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Get active

There’s strong evidence that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of falling and can be beneficial for recovery if you do get ill.

This page provides ideas and low cost activities available locally and online.

Quit4you stop smoking service

This page tells you about the Isle of Man’s free stop smoking service and how you can sign up if you want to quit smoking.

Oral health

Poor oral health can cause physical and psychological problems in children but is preventable. This page provides and information for practising good oral hygiene.

Mental health

Perhaps one of the most important considerations where health is concerned is your mental wellbeing. There are several factors that can contribute to our mood and it is important to identify these factors in ourselves and in others before they start to weight us down. These pages provide local resources if you or someone you know is feeling low.

Drinking water

If it crucial that you and your family stay hydrated and this doesn't have to affect your budget. Fill up your bottles with free drinking water when you're out and about.

Protect against illness 


Vaccination provides some protection against severe disease, particularly if you are over 65 years or in a clinically vulnerable group. Check these pages to make sure you are up to date with the vaccinations you are entitled to.

Practicing good hand and respiratory hygiene

These pages will help you understand how viruses like flu, COVID-19 and Diarrhoea and Vomiting spread and why washing your hands plays a big part in helping to protect you, your family and your friends.

Letting fresh air in and making space will help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses when you are indoors or in confined spaces. Find out more about Staying Safe

When you are ill

Manx Care signposting

Most cold or flu symptoms and minor injuries can be cared for at home, while your pharmacist will have the right remedies for minor ailments such as a headache or diarrhoea. For more severe symptoms or health concerns, you may need to contact your GP. Your community is here to help when you are feeling under the weather.

This page helps you to determine what level of care you need and how to get it.

Pre-paid prescription certificates & prescription exemptions

You may be able to save money on your prescriptions by applying for a pre-paid certificate. Or you may be able to claim free prescriptions.

Getting help

Alcohol - know your limits

We have a complex relationship with alcohol. Some people choose not to drink, and for many people alcohol is an accepted and pleasurable part of life. This page outlines the recommended units of alcohol and when you know you may have had too much.


Similarly to alcohol the misuse of drugs, both legal and illegal can damage health in a variety of ways. This page explains what drugs are, why we use them and where you can go to get help if you think you have a problem.

Drug driving

Driving while unfit through drugs, whether illegal, prescribed or over-the-counter medicines, is an offence that carries the same penalties as drink driving. This page outlines how certain types of drugs may impair your driving to help you assess your fitness to drive.

Domestic abuse

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men endure domestic violence in their lifetime. This page explains where you can get help if you are a victim and how to help someone you think might be in trouble.

Suicide prevention

From 2006 - 2021, there were 156 deaths by suicide in the Isle of Man. Do you know someone who might be at risk? This page explains what you can do to help prevent suicide and what support is available locally.

Wellbeing Partnership - Integrated Care

The Wellbeing Partnership is a single point of contact for people to help them stay well in their own community. It incorporates government and third sector organisations working together and consists of locally-based health professionals who provide co-ordinated support for people.