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General support

Children & families

If you’re struggling to make ends meet there may be financial support that could help.

Advice and Support for Older People

There are a range of benefits and financial support in place for those who may need it.

Support for businesses

Businesses are able to apply for financial support to improve the energy efficiency of your business premises.

Energy efficiency advice

If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient and save money on bills, there is a range of funding and support to help.

Energy Efficiency Scheme

The Energy Efficiency Scheme can provide simple and effective free energy efficiency measures to eligible households.

Energy support

Support is available for those on the lowest incomes to help with the cost of living and energy bills.

Health & wellbeing

Looking after your health and wellbeing is extremely important, especially with added pressures of the rise in the cost of living.


With cost of living pressures continuing to rise and fuel prices increasing, people are encouraged to consider different transport options for getting around the Island.

Free to call telephone lines

A list of essential public telephone numbers which have been made free to call for all Manx Telecom, Sure and Wi-Manx customers calling from within the Isle of Man.