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Energy efficiency advice

Using energy more efficiently at home will help reduce bills for all households.

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Energy efficiency measures

In August 2022, the Isle of Man Government announced £8 million of energy efficiency measures to help with rising energy costs. These measures include:

  1. Materials and equipment such as insulation, LED lightbulbs, draft excluders and thermostatic radiator valves will be available free of charge to those on lower incomes
  2. A fund will be created to make the Island’s social housing stock more energy efficient.
  3. Subject to Tynwald approval, the Green Living Grant Scheme will be modified to include low-carbon heating alternatives such as air-source heat pumps.
  4. Two additional energy doctors will be employed to provide households and businesses with energy-saving assessments and advice.

Energy Efficiency Scheme

A new 2022 Energy Efficiency Scheme has been launched to help provide simple, but effective free energy efficiency measures to eligible households.

Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Scheme 2022

This will provide up to £1,000 towards improvements that will make homes more energy efficient, helping to lower the volume of carbon emissions used and decrease energy costs for those on lower incomes.

Green living grant scheme

This scheme is currently suspended for new applications from 30 September 2022. The grant element is unaffected for those who are already in receipt of, or booked to have a Manx Home Energy Audit.

A scheme to support those wanting to retro-fit homes via fabric improvements such as insulation and eventually by installing low carbon heating systems, making them more energy efficient and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy check up

An analysis of the home by the Home Energy Officer at Manx Utilities to determine its energy usage and costs, and to identify specific energy efficiency measures that would help make improvements.

LED lighting initiative

The initiative assists eligible households to reduce their energy usage by providing free LED lightbulbs – switching would mean using less than a fifth of the amount of electricity than traditional bulbs.

Smarter Living 

SmarterLiving is smart metering programme from the Manx Utilities Authority and also other 'clean tech' initiatives, such as electric vehicle charging and heat pumps.

Energy efficiency advice

There is lots of advice available on how to save energy within your household and help reduce the cost of bills.