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Children & families

Families and those with children may be worried about rising costs and keeping on top of their bills.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet the following guidance on financial support that may be available could help.

Benefits and financial support for families

There are a range of benefits and financial support in place for those with children who may need it. 

Children and Families Team

The Manx Care Children and Families team acts as the principal point of contact for children about whom there are child welfare concerns. Contact can be made directly by parents or family members seeking help, concerned friends and neighbours, or by professionals and other agencies.

There are a number of reasons why a family may be facing difficulty and Manx Care will listen to your concern sympathetically and hopefully be able to support you and your family to overcome the current difficulties. 

School uniform 

School uniform ‘swap-shops’ or uniform banks may be available at your child's school  

Support is available through schools’ hardship funds or endowments.

Parents and carers can contact the Head Teacher of your child’s child's school or the Department of Education, Sport and Culture to explore support options available.



Charities can also provide support to children and families in times of need.